Written to Order from experienced freelance writer Neil Gunn, is a fresh, professional service aimed at businesses in the hospitality and travel and tourism sectors in Scotland alongside overseas companies that target Scotland as a visitor destination.

It takes the best that Scotland has to offer and adds a little extra sparkle to produce content specifically for the print media, a blog, website or other company document.

It can supply:

  • Destination marketing material, including: newsletters, visitor guides and brochures
  • Content marketing, including: travel, event and history and heritage blogging
  • Hotel Marketing, effective words for your website
  • Social media, a targeted social media campaign to reinforce your message

Visit Scotland, Scotland’s national tourism organisation says:

Inveraray Bridge on Loch Fyne

Tell the world how beautiful your location is

“Among the top reasons for choosing to visit Scotland include the scenery and landscapes and a desire to learn about the country’s history and culture…

“Around half of visitors to Scotland took part in sightseeing, trying local food, visiting historic houses/castles, shopping, and short walks. Visiting cities, centre based walks, and visits to country parks were also popular.”

Is your business taking advantage of what Scotland has to offer its visitors?

Even a cursory look at some of the UK’s hotel websites shows that many businesses do not take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the country’s history and heritage, beautiful scenery, vibrant cities and its traditional food and drink.

While hotels quite naturally tell people about the tariff and how nice the rooms are, many only briefly mention what attractions are nearby. If your business was close to the shores of beautiful Loch Ness or Loch Lomond, within striking distance of Eilean Donan, Urquhart, Stirling or Edinburgh Castles or near the Speyside distilleries wouldn’t you want potential customers to know?

Many of the businesses within the hospitality sector particularly have websites which remain almost static throughout the year with little new information being added.  From a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) point of view that means that the site is unlikely to perform well in Google rankings and a limited number of people will even see the website.

So if that sounds familiar, it’s time for a change.

Edinburgh Castle

History on your doorstep? Then tell the world

Adding  fresh, optimised content, with a Scottish focus, to your site will do two things. it will tell Google and other search engines that by providing useful additional information you care about your customers. It will, in the minds of potential customers, associate your hotel, guesthouse, bed and breakfast or other business with a particular attraction.

Both are good for business.

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